Life in Motion: The Osteopathic Vision of Rollin E. Becker, D.O.

A collection of Dr. Becker's writings and lectures based on his studies with William Sutherland, D.O. (the originator of cranial osteopathy) and his 50 years of clinical experience. In his own unique way he addresses the question, What is "health" and what is the most efficient and effective way to help bring it about?

Hardcover, 370 pp, $45.00

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Table of Contents

Foreword – Anne L. Wales, D.O.



Chapter One: To Study And Practice Osteopathy

Chapter Two: Understanding The Mechanism

Chapter Three: The Cerebrospinal Fluid Tide

Chapter Four: Palpatory Skills

Chapter Five: Diagnostic Touch

Chapter Six: Principles And Methods Of Treatment

Chapter Seven: The Nature Of Trauma

Chapter Eight: Clinical Considerations


About The Sutherland Cranial Teaching Foundation, Inc

About The Editor

"Rachel Brooks, M.D., has edited a remarkable collection of Becker’s best writings and lectures. . . . She has artfully brought together the essence of Becker’s philosophic vision within the greater field of osteopathy.

Life in Motion is one of the top five books that, in my opinion, must be included in an osteopathic library. However [it] must not be purchased and utilized as a reference text. You are obliged to read this book cover-to-cover and then re-read it periodically to gain deeper and richer insights.

. . . For those who have never studied directly with Dr. Becker, this book gives us the teachings of a master in the comfort of our living room. Becker’s ability to see beyond codes, formulas, and dogma gives us a guide to expanding our own work as osteopaths."

- Stephen F. Paulus, D.O.

Inter Linea Journal of Osteopathic Philosophy (Vol. 2, No. 4, December 2002)



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